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Design load estimation with IFORM-based models considering long-term extreme response for mooring systems

Résumé : In this paper, we present an extension of the alternative environmental contour approach based on inverse first-order reliability theory in a three-dimensional model that accounts for short-term extreme response uncertainties. Subsequently, the long-term extreme tension under wave excitation loads is investigated to evaluate return levels for the design of mooring systems. Tension extreme data are derived from time-domain simulations of a floating coupled system using the peak-over-threshold method to determine short-term load distribution. A linear interpolation scheme is utilised to establish the parametric model using distribution parameters and wave data. Long-term extreme loads are estimated using a simplified discrete approach combined with Monte Carlo simulations, which helps avoid the tedious task of direct integration. The applicability of these load assessment models is demonstrated and discussed using an example of a semi-submersible platform situated at a 500-m water depth, and the results are compared with one- and two-dimensional environmental contour-based models.
Domaine de référence : EMR
Auteur Zhao Yuliang, Dong Sheng
Année de parution : 2020.
Mots-clés : Design load, environmental contour, inverse reliability model, long-term extreme response, Monte Carlo simulation, mooring system.
Type de document : Article de revue.
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